Ways to Save on Daily Coffee Habit

A Cup of Coffee

Your daily coffee habit can add up quickly and become a bigger expense than you may think. To put things into perspective, purchasing a $4 cup of jo every single day means that you will spend $1,460 dollars annually on coffee alone. While we are not saying to give up coffee consuming coffee entirely, these numbers definitely give you something to think about, especially if you are trying to save money. Changing up your daily coffee habit maybe the perfect place to start saving a few bucks each and every week. Luckily, there are a few simple ways that you can still enjoy your daily coffee without wiping out your bank account. Read below for 11 ways to have your morning cup of jo and not go broke.

#1 Pay with Cash

There are several U.S. Studies revealing that customers actually spend less when they pay with cash instead of credit. Tangible dollars allow you to physically feel when your money is depleting, each and every time you spend it. Thus, you will consciously spend less and be more careful handing over physical money than you would at the ease of swiping a plastic credit card.

#2 Home Brew

One of the easiest ways to save some of your hard earned cash is to brew that beloved cup of jo yourself. Put simply, instead of spending $20 - $35 dollars a week purchasing coffee at a java house, you will only spend $3 - $5 dollars a week brewing your beans in your own home. Look at the big picture, would you rather spend $3,000 dollars annually on coffee or keep that money safe and sound in your savings account? The choice is yours.

#3 Get Crafty

Getting creative with your coffee order is a great way to save some big bucks. For example, if you prefer ordering a caramel frappuccino, try ordering an iced latte instead. You would never guess but they are pretty much the same thing! Just make sure to ask for extra syrup in your latte and your taste buds will never tell the difference. Or for steeper savings, purchase a plain black coffee or double shot of espresso in a larger cup and add milk, cream, sugar, and other flavorings to craft your own drink without the hefty price tag. Trust us, a simple switch of your daily coffee order can save your wallet from deflating.

#4 Budget

Knowing how much your daily cup of coffee costs will alone make you more mindful of your spending habits. It is more common than not, for consumers to have no idea how much they spend on their coffee. This is eye opening as it reveals how little people truly know about their day to day expenses. Understanding that your daily coffee expense does add up majorly over time, (between $1,000 - $4,000 annually) will help you budget your money accordingly.

#5 Try Out Alternatives

Coffee may provide an ample amount of caffeine to get the brain going in the morning, but there are other alternative that can offer you that same jolt of energy. Instead, try eating superfoods, getting plenty of sun (vitamin D), and drinking a plethora of water! These three free and natural methods of energizing the body can really come in handy when trying to save a couple bucks.

#6 Cook Up Coffee Ice Cubes

Utilize your extra coffee by cooking up java ice cubes! If you tend to make too much coffee when you home brew, fill traditional ice cube trays with your overage so that you don't waste a drop. Not only does this method save you cash on buying more beans, it also allows you to have a stronger cup of jo without getting watered down by normal ice cubes.

#7 Make Your Own Creamer

While you're brewing your own coffee, why not pair it with your own homemade creamer? Not too mention, 'Do It Yourself' creamers are both cheaper and healthier than the alternative. Have peace of mind as you sip your cup of jo without those harmful additives and preservatives.

#8 Use a Coffee App

Coffee applications are known to save a buck or two with their free cups and level up features. Some applications even offer 40% off a prepaid coffee while others grant you rewards with each cup of jo you purchase. Make sure to check if your local coffee shop offers an application for your smartphone's current iOS and start saving today!

#9 Buy Whole Beans

While ground beans may save you time, they do not save you money. For starters, ground beans do not stay as fresh as long as whole beans and they cost more too. Keep in mind that every time you throw away a 'bad batch' of coffee grounds, you are literally throwing away hard earned money. Purchasing whole beans in bulk is the better buy. They will save your wallet as well as your taste buds!

#10 Drink Black Coffee

Remember that caramel frappuccino you just can't live without. Did you know that it actually contains only a trace amount of caffeine and costs an absurd amount? These two should not go hand in hand! It is in your best interest to purchase a plain black coffee instead. Black coffee is extremely inexpensive and chock full of caffeine (415 mg in a venti). Pay less for three times the amount of caffeine. now that is a true win-win situation.

#11 Kick Your Daily Coffee Habit

Has your daily coffee become less of habit and more of an addiction? It is a good idea to check in with yourself from time to time and reflect to see if your expenses have emotionally gotten out of control. If you have become a coffee 'addict', it may be time to kick the habit completely. Your daily coffee not only negatively affects your wallet but all of that caffeine, milk, and artificial sugar can negatively affect your heart as well. Save your mind, body, and wallet by cutting out those brown beans!

However, if you are not ready to kick your daily coffee habit, make sure to switch up your java agenda with the 11 tips above and your wallet will thank you!