Top Types of Coffee

Learn more about America's Top 7 Favorite Types of Coffee

America's top 7 Favorite Types of Coffee Cappuccino ProvidenceCafe

1 ✫ Espresso

Espresso is a form of very strong black coffee that is cultivated by pressurizing steam through aromatic, dark roasted coffee beans within an espresso machine. A espresso brewed to perfection will obtain a thick layer of golden brown foam atop its surface. If the foam otherwise known as crema is adequate, when sugar is added to the espresso it will first float atop the foam before sinking slowly into the espresso itself. Espresso is ultimately the foundation for many artisan coffee drinks, like the delicious cappuccino. However, several purists and aficionados find that adding any other ingredients besides a plan dash of sugar to your espresso as blasphemy. This is the equivalent to scotch drinkers only mixing their single malt scotch with plain Coca - Cola (see more about coffe).

How to drink it: Espresso can be enjoyed alone or along with a teaspoon of sugar. A "short" espresso means that it contains less water making it more highly concentrated with caffeine. A "long' espresso means that it contains more water which dilutes the coffees concentration making the espresso taste less strong.

How to customize it: Espresso can also be enjoyed as an Espresso Macchiato. An Espresso Macchiato is made by adding a dash of steamed milk. If you desire a whipped cream topping on your espresso than you can order an espresso con panna. Or try a Espresso Corretto which is created by adding a dash of cognac, grappa, or sambuca.

2 ✫ Cappuccino

Cappuccino has become the corner coffee shops staple. The original cappuccino is mixed with equal parts of steamed milk, espresso, and milk froth. If made properly, the delicious drink, can even be served as a dessert due to its richness and complexity of flavors. (see page "How to shop for coffe")

How to drink it: Consumers commonly sprinkle grated dark chocolate or unsweetened cocoa powder atop a cappuccinos milk froth.

How to Customize it:

If you would like more milk in your cappuccino, ask for it "chiaro" or if you would like less milk in your cappuccino ask for it "scuro". In the summertime, iced cappuccino's make for a highly enjoyable refreshment and if you are watching your weight get your cappuccino "skinny' style which utilizes nonfat or skim milk instead of whole cutting down the cappuccino's calories.

3 ✫ Americano

The Americano is simply made by combining one single shot of espresso into a cup of hot water. Many believe that the name "Americano" was originally meant to insult Americans due to the fact that diluting espresso was largely popular in America when the magical beans were first introduced to the population. However, several coffee houses have perfected the art of the Americano and the result is a rich and creamy coffee that one can savor before beginning their day.

How to drink it: Numerous people prefer to drink an Americano as they would a regularly brewed coffee by adding sugar and/or milk, yet many coffee connoisseurs would highly suggest only adding a minimal amount of milk to fully reap the bold espresso flavor.

How to customize it: It is not common to put a twist on the Americano and be that as it may, enjoying an "iced" americano is a perfect treat on a very warm day.

4 ✫ Caffe Latte

The Caffe Latte is comprised of one single espresso shot combined with three parts steamed milk.

How to drink it: Many enjoy adding sugar to their palates preference and dipping wonderful treats into their Caffe Latte. Fresh Italian bread, sponge cake, and/or cookies all have the power to transform your regular morning routine into a breakfast fit for royalty.

How to customize it: Besides the addition of sugar, the Caffe Latte is not normally prepared with any customizations.

5 ✫ Caf au Lait

The Caf au Lait is a traditional French refreshment that is almost identical to the caffe latte but instead of espresso it is brewed with coffee and utilizes less steamed milk with a 1:1 ratio. In short, it is the softer version of the strong caffe latte.

America's top 7 Favorite Types of Coffee Caramel Macchiato ProvidenceCafe

How to drink it: If you prefer a sweeter coffee then finish off the Caf au Lait with a dash of sugar and a cookie dipper.

How to customize it: It is custom to only add sugar to this brew.

6 ✫ Caf Moch aka Mochachino

The Caf Moch is also very similar to the caffe latte or cappuccino expect that it is additionally prepared with either a chocolate powder or syrup. There are several variations of preparation for the Caf Moch, so be sure to specify how your local coffee house brews it prior to ordering.

How to drink it: Chocolate lovers will even go as far as topping this mocha refreshment with grated chocolate or cocoa powder.

How to customize it: Add whip cream on top!

7 ✫ Caramel Macchiato

The Caramel Macchiato is most commonly prepared by combining espresso, foamed milk, and caramel. However, this drink is known for being prepared several different ways. Some coffee connoisseurs prefer to substitute the foamed milk for steamed milk or visa versa and a dash of vanilla can be added for extra flavor.

How to drink it: Few enjoy added sugar but this drink comes pretty sweet as is.

How to customize it: Add a drizzle of caramel sauce to the top otherwise this sweet treat is a heavenly coffee experience all its own.

Get out there and try a new type of coffee today! You won't regret it.