How to Host a Coffee Party

We drink coffee at work in the break room, after a meal or when meeting with friends. This drink penetrated into American culture to such extend that we just can't imagine our life without it. After its extreme popularity in the 1990s, coffee is still loved my many people and the custom of the traditional tea party has been replaced by the "coffee party".

If you want to get your friends together why not invite them for a cup of their favorite brew. To ensure your coffee party is a success consider reading some helpful tips below:

Coffee Party With Muffins

- Of course, the easiest way to invite your friends is by phone or e-mail. But by sending invitations to your friends you will show how much you care and that these people are important to you. Everyone will appreciate this.

- Your party should be centered around the coffee. Prepare a variety of brews and flavorings so your guests could try. It's much faster and easier you brew your drinks in a single cup coffee maker. Whether you will use a Senseo, Melitta or Keurig coffee machine, it will take about a minute to make one cup in a single cup brewer, without waiting to finish the pot if the guest wants to savor a different coffee blend.

- Consider using colorful plates or some dainty dishes to serve your guests.

- Make sure you decorate your coffee party with flower arrangements or multi-colored streamers to create a special festive atmosphere.

- Offer guests finger foods and bite-sized desserts like mini-muffins, biscotti or lady fingers. You may also ask your friends to bring his or her favorite biscuit or dessert to be shared.

- Think of giving your get-together with friends a special theme. Whether it is a Hawaiian luau-styled party or another themed event, your coffee party is going to be a hit.

- Have a goodtime together. Whether you're discussing books, watching a movie playing board games, or just socializing don't forget that you have invited people to enjoy their company.

Finally, we would like to add that with a little creativity and a few good friends hosting a delightful coffee party won't be a problem.