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The 10 Step Guide to Surviving at Home Kid's Party

The 10 Step Guide to Surviving an at Home Kid's Party ProvidenceCafe

If you're crazy enough to throw your child a party at home, here are some tips to help you out! Read below..

⇒ 1 Get prepared.
Hosting a children's party takes more commitment than one may think. You will not get away with winging a few impromptu board games and placing a pizza on the table because unfortunately kids can pose to be quite hard to impress. Do yourself a favor and create an itinerary for the party. There is nothing like a crowd of twelve, seven year olds, all talking to you at one time! They somehow have the ability to make you forget where you are or what day of the week it is. The itinerary will help keep you structured, focused, and on track.

⇒ 2 Create a guest list.
Try to keep the party guest list as small as possible. It wouldn't hurt to pick a date you know is not convenient for everyone. Or even better yet, pick a day in the middle of the holidays when you know most people are out of town. Boys can be harder to handle than girls, so truly pick the number of kids you invite wisely.

⇒ 3 Host an early party.
Numerous parties are held in the afternoon, which only means your child will be asking all day long 'when is my party' acting manic. It would be more beneficial for you to start your party at eleven and end it by one. You will be surprised at how long two hours can feel. Plus, you get the party out of the way early and have everything cleaned up by two in the afternoon. This way everyone wins.

⇒ 4 Make sure to have sweets and prizes.
It will not go over well if you do not provide prizes for the winners of each party game with the addition of sweets for all other participants. In short, purchase a ton of sweets and give them away like it's going out of style. Utilize your itinerary and guest list to make sure each player has had a chance to play and receive sweets. Do not make the mistake of running out of sweets either, it will not go over well with your guests.

⇒ 5 Have patience.
Imagine a normal adult's party, multiply the parties energy by six and you will have a kid's party. These kids will run you ragged by constantly asking you for sweets, where the bathroom is, and letting you know their dietary issues among anything else they can possibly think of. Just keep smiling and I promise you will get through it.

⇒ 6 Provide your child's favorite foods.
You will never be able to please every kid who attends the party. If they do not prefer the food you have provided then literally throw candy on a plate and call it a day. You will kill yourself by attempting to please your entire party.

⇒ 7 Go easy on yourself.
Pick activities and games for the party that will not make too much of a mess or put you out. Twister and face painting are safe go to games. It is truly important to not overshoot. While making your own ice cream sundae may sound fun and exciting, it will cause a huge mess and give the kids a very intense sugar high. Plus, there will be numerous lactose intolerant children. I can not stress it enough, don't try too hard. Remember there is no cool parent award at the end of the party, just one big mess.

⇒ 8 The party will go somewhat like a drunken night out, prepare yourself.
Whether your kids are seven or twenty seven, kid's parties are not too much unlike a drunken night out. There will be injuries while dancing, someone will lose something, and someone will cry by the end of the party. Not to mention they will want to repeat their favorite song over and over, they will visit the toilet in pairs and chit chat about everything. Unfortunately, like a drunken night out, someone will probably end up sick.

The 10 Step Guide to Surviving an Kid's Party ProvidenceCafe

⇒ 9 Remember gift etiquette.
When it comes time to open presents, make sure to utilize your guest list to write down what gift each child brought. Yes, your child will need to do the proper thing and hand write thank you notes to each guest who attended the party showing appreciation for every gift.

⇒ 10 It is okay if the birthday boy or girl doesn't enjoy their party.
Some kids are not the party animal type. Not all kids but some kids may not enjoy their party as much as their guests do. Understand, like any other day that tantrums come and go. However, it matters not how they act at the party because after all is said and done they will be exclaiming how awesome their party was later on.

Footnote; Remember to be nice.
Your guests are not your kids. Never forget this. Make sure not to shout or swear. Kids have no filter, so unless you want to relive the mistakes you made for the next year or every time you volunteer at your kids class, behave yourself. It is in your best interest to be on your very best behavior at all times and any expletives must be mumbled under your breath. Before the party starts practice saying 'Okay' and "Oh that is very nice' in a fake, happy, high pitched, kinda insane voice, it will save you in the long run.