America's 10 Best Coffee Brands

#10 Yuban

Yuban Coffee Jar

Yuban coffee is both tasty as well as eco-friendly! Owned by Kraft Foods, Yuban coffee has set out to protect the wildlife and ecosystem surrounding regions where their coffee is cultivated.

#9 Eight O'Clock Coffee

Eight O'Clock Coffee Package

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company owned Eight O'Clock Coffee until 2003 when it was later sold to a large investment company. This niche coffee brand is beloved by many.

#8 Seattle's Best

Seattle's Best Coffee Package

Seattle's best is a subsidiary of Starbucks and has its own chain of stores throughout the United States and Canada. It is notably cheaper than Starbucks, and many claim just as tasty, making it one of the country's top brands of coffee.

#7 Millstone

Millstone Coffee Package

Over the years, Millstone has been repeatedly chosen as the coffee 'to wake up to' by a majority of consumers. Privately owned until 1996, Millstone was later purchased by Procter and Gamble. This popular coffee brand takes 2.24% of market share.

#6 Chock Full O'Nuts

Chock Full O'Nuts Coffee Jar

Created by a lunch counter chain of the same name in 1931, Chock Full O'Nuts is one of the best coffees to pair with sandwiches (as the restaurant states). Chock Full O'Nuts became available in supermarkets during 1953.

#5 Maxwell House Master Blend

Maxwell House Master Blend Coffee Bank

Introduced in 1981, Maxwell House Master Blend is the gourmet successor to the Maxwell House original brew. The Maxwell House Master Blend is made with a higher-yield ground coffee and holds 3.99% preference by consumers.

#4 Folgers Coffeehouse

Folgers Coffeehouse Coffee Bank

'Folgers Coffeehouse' is a subsidiary line of the Folgers main brand belonging to Proctor and Gamble. This is one of two times you will see the Folgers brand on the 10 best coffee brand list, ensuring it is one of top quality.

#3 Starbucks

Starbucks Cup with Coffee

Starbucks is internationally known as a quality coffee brand. Not only is Starbucks the world's largest coffee company, it is also ranked as third by U.S. consumers coming in at a 9.75% market share.

#2 Maxwell House

Maxwell House Coffee Bank

Established in 1892, Maxwell House is one of the longest standing coffee brands in the United States. It was first served in Nashville's Maxwell House Hotel and received its slogan, 'Good to the last drop' from President Roosevelt (allegedly).

#1 Folgers (Again!)

Folgers Coffee Bank

Folgers is known for making a great cup of morning jo! And with a 21.6% market share, it is the best coffee available within the United States and definitely one of the top in the world.